• Country: Vienna / AUT
  • Labels: Driving Forces / Hybrid Confusion

* worldwide exclusive

Inspired by many years of dedication on production and different musical influences they now stand as DJs in front of their crowd.
The common musical path determined by a further project to expand – the A-Brothers were born! This dynamic duo stands for breath-taking techno-productions and live-shows. They prefer to play their remarkable DJ-Sets on four decks and two mixers. This talent and the exact co-ordination between these two friends make every show unforgettable.

Beyond borders A-Brothers became famous thanks to appearances as Producer and Djs in countries like the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Poland and Slovakia. They rock the house at their shows and give proof of what makes them so musically strong and that they are achieving something great. Their hard work and creations can be heard deep through their productions on Gayle San Records, Naked Lunch, Nachtstrom Schallplatten as well as their own label Hybrid Confusion. It seems as if the successful musical career of the A-Brothers has already begun…