Peter Schmidt aka Arkus P

  • Country: Dortmund / GER
  • Labels: Friendly Fire / Abstract / Enhanced

As a child, Arkus P. went to a music school and nobody could imagine what´s happening in the future. After first own releases many various labels, Arkus´s career was raising. Bookings worldwide and performing his unique definition of hardtechno he made it to the top of this generation of hardtechno artists. His work got rewarded by his fans and he got voted to germany´s no #1 live act two times in a row at the yearly raveline voting poll. Still today Arkus is always looking for collaborations with many other artists to surprise his fans.

Some words made by Arkus P.: “While I am performing live a certain feeling overcomes me as the mood and the atmosphere of the crowd overwhelms me. This is the reason why I often avoid complicated live-setups. Shortly before the gig I program nothing but a few patterns which I reprogram during performance according to the mood of the crowd… Most of the things happening live are impossible to be reconstructed afterwards.”